I don't even know what do.
As the name suggests I'm a guy, I'm actually not a guy. I'm Non-Gendered, that's a "They pronoun" and a little bit more happiness from me each time we talk. I just so happens that happens to get shirtless every now and then and make witty remarks about things I'd rather not exist, enjoy that they exist and of course get shirtless in front of.

P.s: My nipples are apparently the size of a 5p coin.
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Comparing two of my anime styled hair shots to one another and I can’t decide which one to wear this weekend for my birthday shindig.

Which do you prefer Tumblr?


I’ve finally got myself to make a proper playlist of all the sorts of music I put into my ear holes for not only myself to enjoy, but you too!

That is if you want to find some hidden gems of songs or see a strange name you want to click on.

Seeing as I have this wig right now I had to camera whore with it.

Whenever I feel a bit blue I just put my top hat on and try and feel successful. 

Which works, because owning a top hat is pretty successful if you ask me.

I’ve officially gone from stubble territory to beard territory in about 1 month of not shaving.

Damn I grow hair slowly.

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